child development
There is a genius in every baby. We believe that the intelligence of a baby is highly malleable and dependent on structure on environment. To help parents uncover this, we share the latest research, discovery, technologies and information relating to child development and early childhood learning. We are not here to promote any particular dogma, but with an open heart and mind, truly helping babies explore and discover their highest potential.

The foundation of our efforts is based upon the work and advice of some of the world’s top educators and leading authorities in pediatrics, psychology and neuroscience as well as certified geniuses and their parents. Our goal: To uncover the secrets of childhood development and share with you the most effective techniques and activities to help your child discover and achieve his or her highest potential. We also seek commonalities among disparate group of genius, professionals to see if there is some kind of unifying thread to tie all of these people together.

We believe that within every child resides…
The Body of an Olympic Athlete,
The Brain of a Scientist,
The Mind of a Poet,
The Hands of an Artist,
The Ear of a Composer,
The Heart of a Saint…
Never stop believing that your child has Unlimited Potential!

Dr. Robert Melillo, an internationally known chiropractic neurologist, professor,
researcher, and expert in childhood neurological disorders.