How to Use a Knitting Fork Lucet for Kids

Aria Thomas, Age 5 of Marin Montessori School

Learn how to use a knitting fork with preschooler Aria Thomas. Learning to knit gets the right and left sides of the brain to learn to work together better in order to optimize learning. Not only does it develop better hand-eye coordination, it also teaches kids how to envision a project and see it through to completion. Even penmanship and handwriting get a boost when kids learn to knit. The best way to learn is to watch someone do it, so here’s a video of my daughter, Aria Thomas, demonstrating how to knit with a knitting fork.

Full Interview Transcript

Hi, I’m Aria, and today I’m going to teach you about knitting. Knitting is so much fun. You can make necklaces and bracelets and you can make scarfs and other things. So, I’m so happy to knit with you today.

Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to the channel. I started to learn to knit when I was about three or two, I started Great Blue Heron and I was very happy about my first knitting. I made it super long. The first thing I knitted was a necklace for Mama.

First you need a knitting cord. If you don’t have one, you can put a link in the description. Then you need some scissors, and then you need some yarn. Okay. So, first thing that you need to do is take out your yarn and unroll a little bit of the yarn, thread it through the hole. Okay, then we’ve put this in the middle, and then we wrap around the knitting. Now let’s wrap it two spaces, and then we hold the back with our hand and then we pick up the back layer and lift it over. See, and then we pull this string that we threaded the first. Now we keep doing that over and over again, to get it bigger, watch like this.

See how I’m knitting. When it starts to come out, you can hold it with your fingers. See how I’m knitting a lot of string and you can change by like cutting it with different colors, but we’re going to start with blue for a little while.

If the end is a little bit long, you can like cut it there. See how it makes that pattern. That’s because you need to do the same pattern copying over and over again.

See how I pulled this to the string on the back can pull out the string that I needed over. This is how you knit. Look in the middle, because look in the middle, how in the back, I mean, how this part is like, has that curly because it makes the knitting come out from the middle.

So, it makes that pattern that becomes, like straight in there. See how pretty and long we can add another color now if you like. So, get your scissors and you can cut a little bit of string so we can get out another color. So, for example, I’ll get out red. Let’s just take this off like we did, and then we can get some string and then we can tie it together.

Good job.

Now let’s begin knitting with red. First, you will knit a little bit with blue more. See, because we cut it like this, so we can tie a knot here. So, we’ll knit a little bit more with blue and then we’ll go into red. Now it’s kind of tricky when you come to the knot. You’re done with your first knitting. We hope you like this video. We hope to see you later. Bye.

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