Chess Beginning Basics for Kids

Kingston Thomas, Age 6, Marin Scholastic Chess 1st Place Champion of Marin Scholastic Chess

Kingston Thomas, Age 6, Marin Scholastic Chess Champion, will talk about the basics of chess. In this video, you will learn how to move the pieces, what the goal of the game is and their values.

Full Interview Transcript

Hi, my name is Kingston and today I’m gonna teach you about my favorite game of chess. This video is for beginning chess players.

[3:00] diagonal means it goes up and one sideways and the bishop can go as far as it wants, as long as none of the next team’s pieces are blocking. See this Pawn over here? That Bishop’s eyeing this Pawn. This Bishop can travel really far and capture the Pawn. Now, I’m going to teach you about the Rook. Okay, here’s Rook over here. He moves in straight lines and

[3:48]. The Rook, he moves in a straight line, he can capture this Pawn.

[4:00] They can capture things from far away and can move as far as they want as long as no other team’s pieces are blocking. Now I’m gonna tell you about my favorite piece, I actually love this piece, the Queen. Okay, the Queen has the power of the Rook over here and the Bishop combined together. So, the Queen can go diagonal and forward and straight. The Queen is worth 9 points. Now I want to teach you about castling.

[5:00] Okay, this is the King, this is the Rook. The King can move two and the Rook will jump over it, like I just did. The King is protected by three Pawns and the Rook. I was taught that it is like a bed, the three pawns are the blanket and the Rook is this teddy and the King is the person in the middle. Okay, so you can also castle on this side. So, castling Queen’s side like this. King moves two and the Rook jumps over and the same with castling King side.

[6:00] One of my favorite moves in chess is the fork. Okay, let’s put this fork down. So, you can take away any of these pieces, you might take away this Bishop or you can take away this Knight and then he might take you back. Now I’m gonna teach you about this move called check. Okay, now black can give a check. This is checked. So, it’s checking, and the King has to move, so that’s what

[7:00] check is and also white didn’t have to run away, he could have took you and then black would have took him back, this is called a Half-open File.

[8:00] Now, this Bishop can’t move or else this will get taken. Take with your Bishop and he takes with his Rook. I hope you enjoyed this video. Practice these at home and maybe you’ll be a chess champion like me.

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